Monday, February 22, 2010


I am confused, tired and sleep deprived and frustrated ....

Confused because I am considering a career change, but am not able to convince myself whether I can do it or not. It will be a big change for my life and my career and I have tried to consider all facts needed to make the decision. But still, I am lost and confused and scared. Don't know whom to talk to or take some guidance.

Tired and sleep deprived because I keep thinking about this issue and am losing my sleep over it. I know I have to make a decision pretty soon. It is sort of "now or never" situation for me.
And then my daily horoscope on google homepage says this:

You have enough facts at your disposal now. Sure, there's always more to learn, but additional information won't make your choice any easier, nor will it guarantee a better outcome. In fact, you may already have the answer you need. Instead of going over all the details one more time, give yourself a bit of space to clear your mind. This will allow the right decision to come to you naturally from the depths of your creative imagination.

Really? Lets see.. I so wish I can decide on one of the paths real soon !!


hitch writer said...

guess you dont need preaching.. but thats all i got ... lol..

take ur time.. and weigh it up... indecision is a part of life.. but once you decide something.. give it your best shot !!!!!

thats what sensible readers have to say... ! :P

god bless you !

MindfulMeanderer said...

((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) every decision is a tough 1 when u have a kid. Listen to what ur heart says.. If u think its time that u moved on, go for it. Everything will automatically fall in place.
Best of luck.

Renu said...

if i have a dilemma, then I always write down everything pros and cons of both the decisions, and then see what weighs more and the what I like is given more weightage

Dil se said...

@HW: Thanks for the encouraging words. And I did make my decision finally.
@MM: Thank you so much.And you are so right that when you have your family linked with your decision, it makes it all the more difficult.
@Renu: Thanks. And your way of decision is really good. Will definitely remember it.

Reflections said...

Hope everything is going the way u hoped:-))