Wednesday, November 25, 2009

8 X 8

  • No, no this is not the size of any of the windows in my house :-) This is the tag I got from Nancy. and I was kind of in a rush to get this done, because then I have this big vacation to India coming up !! Yay !! So here, it goes:
    8 TV shows I like to watch
    I hardly get some time to catch up on my favorite shows. But whenever I do , I love these:
  • The Metalist: I love Patrick Jane, everything about him.
  • The good wife: This one is a new series on CBS and it is about the wife of a politicain who
    gets caught in a sex scandal. Love the wife Alicia Florrick's character.
  • Grey's Anatomy: McDreamy and Meredith Grey, what else can I say?
  • Desperate housewives: My husband just hates this program and I just love it :-)
  • Cold case: I somehow love the the programs involving case investigations and this one is
    a bit different in that sense.
  • Friends, Everybody loves Raymond: Although these programs are off the air now, but I love to watch their reruns anytime.
  • Test Kitchen: Only when they show some baking recipes or a good vegetarin recipe
  • Antique Roadshow: People bring their antiques to appraisers on this show and get the value of their antiques appriased. It is interesting to see the story or the value of some antiques on it. (I searched all my closets to find a worthy "antique" but came up only with old clothes/shoes/bags :-)

    8 favourite places to eat
  • Definitely, the first one would be at my mom's place when all my sisters and brother gather and we all take a seat on the living room floor with our food.
  • In my own kitchen, with my son and husband, with my son's jokes and laughter.
  • Being a vegatarian, I don't have a whole lot places to eat outside. I love mexican food and
    specially, the Chipotle.
  • Among the India resturant in my city, I love "New Krishna" They have lots of variety on their menu and the ambience and taste is too good.
  • Back home, I love "paranthe wali gali" in Delhi.All sorts of stuffed paranthe, followed by
    jalebi with rabdi, just yummm
  • I love Chinese food too,remember those vans in Delhi. I just love the chowmein, the soup and the manchurian
  • I inherited my sweet tooth from my Dad and my craving for chaat papdi from my Mom. So guess which is my favorite place to stop by when going to my mom's place(faridabad)? Yeah Haldiram's on the Delhi Mathura Road.
  • I also like south India cuisine and one of my fav places for south indian cusine here is the
    Udipi resturant.

    8 things I look forward to
  • Aayush's voice shouting "Mommy" as soon as I open the door in my house every evening
  • A Saturday night when I can be up till late and watch all the TV I want to
  • A hot cup of tea early morning on the weekends (Not made by me !!)
  • A quiet moment with myself at the end of the day
  • A quiet and chore-free holiday
  • Change the layout of my house a bit
  • Summers, so I can get my lawn back in shape.

    8 things that happened yesterday
  • Paid all my bills online
  • Got a call from a friend after a long time, since she was gone to India
  • Ate my lunch away from the computer, for a change
  • Talked to my mom on the phone for about 25 mins, even though I was late for my work.
  • Cleaned up my desk
  • Stood in the office parking lot for a few minutes to watch the sun going down
  • Made veggie quesadilla for dinner, thinking that would be quick, but then my son demanded aloo paranthas and was back to square one again.
  • Went to bed early for a change, to catch on some lost zzzz's

    8 things I love about winter
  • Hot steaming coffee and cappucino
  • Enjoying sun on Sunday afternoons
  • When all the empty stems of the trees are frozen and they look as if someone put a layer of
    glass on them.
  • Garma garam gajar ka halwa!! Yes, it is the season to have it.
  • Layering up in jackets and sweaters
  • Warm showers
  • Holiday shopping, Christmas lights and decorations all around.
  • Weeklong shutdown at work(this should have been the first one)

    8 things on my wishlist
  • To find time to read books, just like I used to do it (before my son came along and then I switched to 101 Dalmatians and Barneys)
  • To be more regular on my blog
  • To reconnect to all my old friends
  • To spend more time with Aayush, doing all sorts of activities
  • To find time for my creative hobbies
  • Go back to India and be with my family and friends
  • Start a home based business of my own
  • Redo my wardrobe all over.

    8 things I am passionate about
  • Music, and that too Bollywood music
  • My car, yeah I love my car !!
  • Playing computer gamesd) Google (yeah I google everything and anything !!Wish there was a google for seaches like "I am feeling blue today. why?")
  • My family
  • My beliefs and my values
  • Anything that I want to do.

    8 words or phrases I use often
  • Oh my God
  • Are ... lekin..
  • Do you love mommy?
  • Did you do this?
  • It's okay.
  • Thank you
  • I am going to say this once only.
  • Okay, but only 5 more minutes.

    8 things I learnt from the past
  • Think and then speak. Yes, you save a lot of fights that way.
  • It is not always necessary to speak the truth. Some times, Somethings are just better left
  • Distances do affect your relationships
  • Money is not everything for life, but it is an important thing for life
  • Sometimes, just act on your gut feeling instead of trying to logic it out. In most of the
    cases, you will be right.
  • Some friends are forever. and you don't even need to talk to them everyday or even everyweek.
  • Nothing remains the same in life. Everything changes - Relations, Position, your dreams,
    aspirations, your priorities,your likes, dislikes, everything changes with time.
  • In order to achieve something in life, you need to set your priorities right.

    8 places I would love to go, visit or see
  • Kashmir, India
  • Goa, India
  • Varanasi, India (I spent 3 most wonderful years of my life there, so I want to go back there and try to visualize some of those moments)
  • Ranchi, India (I was botn there and grew up in that place, so I want to go back and see the
    changes that city had gone through in all these years)
  • Paris - I love shopping, what else can I say !!
  • Nightout in Newyork
  • A trip to Europe - I looked so magical in DDLJ. Okay, so I know there won'tbe any SRK there but hey, I'd still love the explore the place.
  • Mumbai - Yeah, I have never been to this wonderful place and want to experience the magic once

    8 things I currently need or want
  • A nice pair of sandals
  • Some music CDs
  • Wash my car one of these days
  • Find a (shortcut and sure, if possible) way to loose that weight !!
  • Meet my old friends, when I am in India.
  • Spend lots of time with my brothers and sisters and mom and dad on my trip to India
  • Learn to Control my temper/anger
  • Take life one day at a time and not be freaked out about tomorrow.

    As for who I want to tag, I'll let the readers decide for themselves if they want to pick up the tag. Do try it, it is fun and it lets you think about yourself a lot.


hitch writer said...

phew... this is one loong tag !

Reflections said...

Think and then speak. Yes, you save a lot of fights that way.

It is not always necessary to speak the truth. Some times, Somethings are just better left

I sooo agree:-))!!!!

And garmagaram gajar halwa sounds heavenly right now:-).

Tho I dont have much to comment...I loved reading ur tag. Thank U for taking it up!!!

And have a good trip:-))!!!!!!

Solilo said...

Just saw this tag on Nance's. Long tag. Will check later.

Manish said...

These posts are interesting reads but but writing all of that yourself... phew!!!

Nice read...