Friday, June 12, 2009

My singing buddy

Did it ever happen to you in life that one thing which you really love to do and wanted to share it with someone close in your life, it turns out your better half has an exact opposite taste on that?
Well, it happened to me.

I just love music, and not just listening, but also humming along with it, or as Puja said in Lamhe "main ga kahan rahi thi, main to gungunaa rahi thi"
And S has totally opposite taste when it comes to music. In terms of choice of songs, on the level of volume at which I like to hear, everything. And if I try to hum the songs while they are playing, he can think of the all sorts of parodies for those songs just to tease me.

So when li'l A came in my life, as a part of my daily routine of putting him to bed, every night I used to sing him one of my favorite songs. And one of those songs has been "Halke halke aayee chalke" from Movie Apne Paraye.
What I never realized is, that over so many nights, hearing those songs over and over, A also picked up those songs. And a few weeks back, when I started singing the song for him, he started singing with me, in his sweet cute voice.
Ever since then, it has been our kind of daily routine. Every night, he'll pick up one of the songs he wants to sing.
So, now my li'l A is my new singing buddy.
And my day ends with a smile on my face..
Never realized such small things can bring so big happiness in life ...
dil se..

PS: Just in case you are interested, here's the song I mentioned. I just love this song, the way it was picturized on Shabana. I specially memorized the lyrics of this song, so I could sing it to A:

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Swaram said...

Even I love music and keep humming all day.Its bliss. And lucky u r that u hv the company of A now.

Dil se said...

Hi Swaram

Welcome to the blog and thanks for your comments. I love your name.

Sara said...

This is a beautiful song..never heard this one before..thanks for sharing!!

Dil se said...

You are welcome Sara !! I loved this song when I watched the movie itself. Should watch this movie(if you can find it). It's a old one but I liked it a lot !!

Reflections said...

Nice post:-)!!!!!

Reminds me of the time when I used to sing to the kids & the 1st song they knew how to sing was "ek din bik jaayega"[the only song to which I knew the lyrics completely] & people used to go "huh";-D

Completely identified with ur joy abt sharing ur passion with ur child:-))