Monday, May 11, 2009

तुझे सब है न पता, मेरी माँ...

Okay so I am one day late. But I wanted to celebrate this special day with my Aayush. And that kept me away from my laptop for the whole day. But a very Happy Mother's Day to all. And on this special day, I want to write about some of these very special lines by my Mom for me. She wrote these for me when I was going away from home for the very first time, to BHU hostel for my degree. And I have read these line whenever I miss her. An d I have always felt so close to her.
Maa, I miss you !! You shaped all of us(Me, Ritu, Shweta, Aadish) into what we are today। Love you maa !!

जीवन के वर्ष जितने भी हो, मगर उनके एक पल में हज़ार हज़ार खुशी निहित हो
चहकता जीवन हो
महकती खुशबू हो
होठो पर हर पल हँसी हो
मन में उम्ह्ग हो
तन में शक्ति हो
आँखों में ख्वाब हो
दिल में सब की चाहत हो
परेशानियों से राहत हो
हौसले बुलंद हो
मंजिल नज़दीक हो
सपना साकार हो
मेरी तमन्ना॥
मेरी प्रिय अति प्रिय व् प्रतःम बिटिया मोना के लिए
मन में दुआएं इतनी की लिखी न जायें
देने लगूं यदि तुझे तेरी झोली छोटी पड़ जायें


Iya said...

those line are beautiful..
even i have studied in BHU but only for 15 days!!that was in the year 1999..

Dil se said...

wow !! There goe another connection between us :-)
The first one being Ranchi !!
Yeah I was born there and studied there for a while (for abt 7 yrs of my life)
Small world, huh!!

Sara said...

Lovely poem by your mother,it portrays every mom's feelings...

Dil se said...

Sara: And I can relate(not even fully yet) to how she felt after being a mother myself