Monday, September 29, 2014

Missing Silliness

Isn’t it amazing how you find certain things/behaviors silly at times and then all of a sudden when it changes, you miss that?
My 3 yr old, till about 6 months back, used to identify all the colors perfectly fine except for the color yellow.
Show her anything in color yellow and ask “Kashvi, what color is it?”
And her standard answer every single time used to be “laddoo”
Never knew why !!
Not that she’s a big fan of the sweet laddoo, though.
And we used to laugh on this silliness everytime
I, even intentionally used to point to yellow things and asked her to identify the color.
And then used to correct her.

And then all of a sudden, one day, just like that, “laddoo” became “lellow”
Oh nooooo, as soon as she said “lellow”, my instant reply was “no, ladooo”
And this time, she corrected me “No mommy, it is Lellow color. You are funny”
And all I could do, was just nod along.

And it made me realize, in these crazy busy days of our lives, these moments of silliness are what I want to hold on to.
So, say whatever, I am not correcting “lellow” to “yellow” or “ninna” to “sleepy”  Or even “oti-moti” with “roti”

Life is perfect the way it is !!
With a dash of silliness and sprinkles of laughter.


Payoffers dotin said...
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Smita said...

lol!!! But so very true! These small small things matter so much when they are not happening :)