Friday, May 2, 2014

Z is for zooming through

So here we are, at the last alphabet and the end of the A to Z challenge. I did get delayed by 2 days but I am glad I still made it through. There were days that seemed difficult, but eventually they were not. Technology has made everything possible today. So access cannot be an excuse anymore.

And, in between all the blogging, the month of April just zoomed by fast. It seems it was just yesterday that the month began. And it is already over too.

But other than the blogging challenge, so many other things happened during the month of April, which I missed to acknowledge here:
  • The tax season is over. This had to be the biggest burden hanging on my head. I do my taxes on my own, after trialing and testing several tax preparation firms. So, I was busy till the very last day checking and rechecking all the numbers, forms and receipts to make sure everything was correct.
  • The next big thing was Aayush preparing in a Indian cultural program. This was his very first experience and participation in an Indian cultural program. With the very limited number of Indians in this area, it is very difficult to keep the kids connected to our culture and customs. So when one of the friends told us about this program, we jumped at getting him enrolled, only realizing it later that it involved taking him an hour drive long place for practice every Sunday. But, in the very end, it was all very worth it. He enjoyed the dance item so much, he even dances to that music now in his free item. He loved dressing up  and the overall masti associated with the dance and music (It was a Bhangra performance)
  • Other things that kept me busy throughout the month were Aayush piano performance practice, participating in a community garage sale (where I did manage to get rid of some of the old stuff from the house) and helping Aayush set up his first lemonade stand at the garage sale. He was really excited for it and I was equally interested in it because this is one skill I’d really like my kids to learn – entrepreneurship, soccer practice for kids, never ending school projects and finalizing summer camp schedule for the kids.

Wow, as I wrote it down, I do realize it was pretty busy. And the month just zoomed by.
And now I am geared up for May as well, with swimming classes starting soon for both the kids, school closing down for summer.
How was the month of April for you?

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