Monday, April 28, 2014

V is for VCRs

Do you remember the time when VCR( video cassette recorder) used to be an item of luxury? That was way before we had access to multiple TV channels or the onset of cable TV.

I remember one of our tenant uncle used to have a VCR which he used to rent out to folks. So when the VCR was not on rent, he would ask us if we wanted to watch a movie on it. And immediately, all 4 of us (me and my brother and sister) would take a poll on which movie we would like to watch. Brother's favorite was Sallu Bhai (yeah his really irritating early movies) and the other action stars, sisters wanted comedy and I demanded the ultimate melodramatic ones(as advertised by Ameen Sayani on vividh Bharati)

After much deliberation, some tears and some peace treaties, we would settle on a movie. The next tedious task would be to go convince mom about watching a movie. That task would be assigned to me. I would go and talk to mom, take all the heat, make all promises to finish all homework as soon as movie was over and what not. Once we got a green signal, the other 2 sisters would race to the video library and demand the finest print of the movie. All the while threatening him to not pay any dues if the print is not clear. I must say, for the 6 year old that they were, they were pretty demanding in that.

And then we would be all set to enjoy the movie. If the movie turned out to be a utter rubbish(which most movies during that time were),all 3 of us would grill him/her for the remaining part of the movie.

Trust me, it took a lot of project planning and execution in those days for a simple act as watching movie; unlike today when movie are so easily accessible on every other channel.

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Anonymous said...

I remember VCRs, and the tracking button, the blinking 12:00 after power outages, blowing into an uncooperative machine, rewinding tapes before sending them back to the rental store, and watching my dad growl while trying to program it. Oh, childhood.