Wednesday, April 23, 2014

S is for the silly and the sassy one

And also the smartest one and the most patient one !! I am talking about the youngest of my sisters.
With a name that is synonym with silver, she has the heart of gold. So much patience and balance in life, I am surprised at times.

She was the one who refused to leave mom's side when my youngest brother was born. She still insisted to  cling and sleep next to her,no matter what.Growing up in an extended family, we grew up with my cousin brothers and sisters. Whenever we had a fight about some toys, we would make 2 groups fighting with each other, but she being the youngest (at least till my brother was born) would be included in both the groups - so she had the best of both worlds.

As we grew up,she was the leanest and tallest of us all. and since she was the leanest, had the luxury of eating anything she wanted, without thinking for a second if that would impact her health(read weight) in any way. And me and my other sister would look at her with utter jealousy when she would snack on fried potatoes after coming back from school and we would "act" to be looking for something "with less fat"

Her gang of friends was also a mix of silliest ones in the whole world. Always ready to pull legs and make "bakra" of some poor soul, playing crazy pranks.
As we were growing up, my brother actually went ahead and gave her the name "Princess Maria" because according to him, in her tantrums and demands, she thought herself of no less than a princess.
As we joined college, all 3 sisters used to share our clothes with each other (we are one year apart from each other). so whenever, we had buy new clothes,me and the younger one would agree on a color or a design and then princess Maria would walk in.And in her trademark style would declare "I do not like this color/design/pattern, so I cannot wear this",leaving us confused and fuming.

Gosh, those days were so precious,never realised the value of those moments then.
Life today has taken so many turns and twists.And we are all changed in so many ways. And she had changed so much too over time. Some of the life experiences has made her stronger, more resilient. I always wished I could have shielded her from some of the unpleasant experiences in any way. But I never could.
For now,I wish that she should be done with her share of testing and difficult times by Him and the road be smooth for her, without any bumps or potholes.
Because, remember this:

Love you lots, sis :-)


Anonymous said...

Glad to read bout equation with the sister. Childhood memories to be cherished coz time flies and we are lost in translation.

As I write said...

@vishalbheeroo: Thanks. Yes,I am very close to my sisters and posts like these are to treasure some of fabulous memories I had with them.

Arlee Bird said...

Very sweet tribute. I just talked on the phone to my three daughters who are travelling to go visit my mother. They sounded like they were having such a good time. They're really close and I'm glad of that.

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Tui Snider said...

Awwww! What a sweet post. Reminds me of how much I looked up to my big sister growing up... and how much I still do. I miss her so much!

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