Sunday, April 13, 2014

K is for karma

Do you believe in karma? I do and that too very firmly. I have seen situations in life proving that what goes around, eventually does come around. So when I find myself in a situation, helpless at the selfish and calculating behavior of someone I trusted, those are times when I have to sit back and wait for karma to show its effects sooner or later.

A MIL who never treated her daughter in law well, leave alone respect. Made her life a living hell. Sure enough, when the younger daughter in law made an entry, she didn't even give the mil a chance to treat her anyway. From day 1, she turned the tables onto her and put dear mil on the receiving end.

Or the lady in my neighborhood who never stopped gossiping about every person on the street and passing judgment about every decision made in any family. Few years down the lane and her own daughter decided to marry outside of her community and outside of the caste too. All the neighbors and relatives who had "earned" her feedback spared no opportunity to offer their detailed advice, gossip and criticism to her.

Some people may dismiss karma as a way of just accepting the things just the way they are and not doing anything about it. But that uncertainty happens in so many other aspects of life. So why not just change the perspective of looking and dealing with that uncertainty.

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