Thursday, April 10, 2014

I is for the ink pen

So do you like to write? With what kind of pen? Wait, before you brush me off as someone crazy asking crazy questions, hear me out.

Remember, in school as you graduated from 8th grade to 9th grade, all of a sudden you earned a new privilege: that you could do you school assignments in pen. No more hassles of keeping sharpened pencils,an eraser and a spare pencil sharpener in your pencil box. You could be the "cool kid" with a fancy pen to show off.

But wait, the very first day of school supply shopping, mom rolls out the policy: "Those fancy gel pens and ball point pens make your handwriting go bad. So you'll start with an ink pen". What??????
All those dreams of finally getting one of those colorful reynolds pen for yourself is gone?
Yes, dad gives you one of the basic ink pens and your shelf is also stocked with a bottle of royal blue Camlin ink to start your day at school.
The first day you come back with blue ink smeared all over your hands, your copies, even your school uniform. And you absolutely hate it.

But as you continue using this new writing tool, you start loving it. The way it writes it seems as if the  words are  flowing out and just arranging themselves on the paper. You start loving the little stain it leaves on the inside of your ring finger.

And then one day, dad opens up his collection of the finest Chinese ink pens that he had been collecting and asks you to pick one. With the elated feeling, you choose the sea blue colored one with a shiny golden cap. You treasure it more than anything and write with it with more pride than what any Governor General would ever had (I am not kidding, I used to think of myself so special as a kid, obviously in my imaginations)

And since then, I never hated those ink pens or those ink stains. If given a chance today, I would prefer to use one today too. I still like to maintain a paper journal with a pen in my bag. But, ironically, too much technology (storyboards) and convenience have taken prominence in our lives.

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