Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Art of Living

She said "Please, just for 5 days. 2 of them will be over the weekend. We can manage"

He said "No way, how can I manage the kid all by myself in the evenings, dinner, brush,getting him to bed. It will be too much"

She said "See, for dinner, I'll do the preparations early in the morning. And I'll get out of work an hour earlier and I'll get the dinner ready before I leave"

He said "But then, if he starts asking for mommy,mommy, what will I do?

She said "I'll start preparing him from today itself. I'll explain it to him and he'll understand. And you can explain to to him just the same way I do when you go for your 3 day seminars and he asks for Daddy Daddy. I'll tell you the trick :-)"

He said "But why do you have to do it?"

She said "For myself, just because I want to do it"

He said "But this is so costly too. With all the other expenses coming up, how will we manage?"

She said "Okay, no eating out for 3 weeks. And I'll give up on the fancy rug I wanted for the kitchen and also the pair of shoes I showed you in Mall"

He said "What? You showed me because you wanted to buy those? You just said "aren't they so trendy?"

She said "Okay, we'll talk on that later. For now, you okay? So am I set?

He said "Okkkkkkkkkkkayyyyyyyy, do whatever you want to do"

So,after this long argument, I was finally able to convince S that I was going to join the Art of Living course, a 5 day seminar centered around Yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. (See their website for more information.)

I needed to clear my mind and heart of a lot of things and that's why this course.
It is a nice small group of small, who are all there for different reasons. The instructor is a cheerful young girl, who impressed me with her vibrant energy and intelligence.

My take from the first day of the class: "Expectation reduces joy"

Most of the frustration and agitation in our life is caused by the fact that we have set our expectations for someone/something. So when those expectations are not met, it make us unhappy.

So, the lesson is not that we should not set our expectations.
The lesson is that we should be aware of our expectations, and when they are not met and we start getting agitated, have the realization that it is our expectation from the situation and not the situation that is the cause of it.

Some of my other takes from this session:

The present moment is inevitable.

Drop your ego, just let it go...you are not your ego.

Holding on to things is the root cause of misery. Bring you awareness inwards, to things you are holding on to, and just let go

Take everything that happened to you as a blessing!
Getting into something is a blessing, getting out of something is also a blessing.
Bring you mind to the present moment by observing your breath. The present moment is the best moment to live. Things change. They don't remain the same forever. There is power in this concept! If you are at a high it will change, if you are at a low it will change. Change is the nature of the universe. So realizing this, one doesn't need to feel stuck with a certain situation because it is bad or stick to a certain situation because it is good.
Don't React but respond to
situations and problems This is the first time I went to such a session and I really wanted some peace and clarity of mind. And the session really helped me in achieving that. It gave me an opportunity to look deeply inside myself and question my own self. It gave me a direction to path forward in life. On the side note, my son missed me every time I had to go for this. And I had to tell him that Mommy also had a class to go to, just like he goes to his class in school. And while I was out, Dad and son enjoyed their time in activities like this:


MM said...

I can understand how much u needed that break!! Way to go!! I'm inspired.. I've been planning to go for volunteer activities that oracle arranges every weekend.. Just me with a bunch of collegues.. away from PC & Lil P .. just for myself. Now I'll start the convincing part at home too!

I loved the comment "Don't React but respond to situations and problems" I react too often.. hav to learn to keep myself calm.. Don't worry ur kiddo will be much happier with a calmer mommy!! Make the most of ur break.

MM said...

Hey! Update your blog roll - I've moved to http://mindfull-meanderings.blogspot.com :)

Gauri Gharpure said...

we all need such breaks. good you managed one in spite of having to make all the adjustments.. :) and that's a sweet pic..

Pins N Ashes said...

Ego is also a root cause of problems!! Breaks are a must...just for ourselves again...to wash away and come out clean and fresh again...

Swaram said...

Its really nice u r getting some 'Me time'
Loved the takes - all of them!

Getting into something is a blessing, getting out of something is also a blessing. - So so true!

Nice pic there :)He is so so happy :)

Reflections said...

I asked a question in my post & Pins N Ashes directed me here. What a coincidence really:-))!!!!

Thanks for the info....how long did ur sessions last each day?????

Reflections said...

Love ur new template.....

Ur blog is looking good:-))!!!!!

Dil se said...

@MM: You are very right.I so much needed a break and this was just it, a time for me to relax my body and mind. I think it is very important for moms like me and you to have some "me" time once in a while.
@Gauri: You aer right.I had to juggle my schedule really hard, but every moment of it was worth it.

Dil se said...

@Pins N Ashes: Welcome to my blog.You are very right about the break. Sometimes, we need to do the things just for ourselves. And hey thanks for referring my post to Nancy.

Dil se said...

@Swaram: Thanks so much. I found the session extremely helpful and relaxing for me.
@Reflections: I am glad you liked my new template. I just saw the question on your post. My weekdays session were about 3.5 hours long and weekends were 4 hours long. I can send you a detailed email tonight about the sessions

hitch writer said...

Me times is most important... not a fan of Art of Living ... !! but lol you gotta do what you gotta do.. !!

Meira said...

never attended their course...but it sounds so refreshing to just hear about it :)

Anonymous said...

I have attended Art of Living classes, I think they can be nice if you need to feel at peace or are under stress...

'Me time' for mommy is very important, but also this is a great bonding time for the dad and son!

'No Gender Inequality' has a post for daddies, written by a son, it should inspire nay dad to be involved with their little boys.
Father: Figure of Sacrifice and Discipline..

Solilo said...

Me time is important for everyone esp. multitasking moms.

Aayush is a cutie. First time I am seeing your son's picture.

Dil se said...

@hitchwriter: Very true. Me time is important for a better us time :-)
@Meira: It is and for me also, it was the first time I attended their course.
Indianhomemaker: thanks so much for the list to this wonderful post. And I shared this post with my husband dad too. ane even I liked it a lot.
Solilo: You are very right. And thanks. This is the first time I posted his picture too :-)

How do we know said...

wow.. way to go!!!

Reflections said...

Thanks for all the info...wasnt able to join up this time but they have 1 in January which I'm planning to attend:-)).