Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pisces: How much picean you are?

Do you believe in sun signs? I do ! Not like a Linda Goodman fan, but wherever I see something about my sun sign, I definitely get interested and read it to see how much I relate to it.Here are some of the good as well bad things I think I relate a little more to my sun sign:

1) Dreamer, Imaginative: I am a big dreamer and I live in my own world of imaginations and dreams. And that's the reason, most of the time, I don't see the world they way it is. "Day Dreamer": That's what they call me.
2) Intuitive: Yes, I do have intuitions, and about 7/10 times, they have been correct. But I rarely share it with others.
3) Artistic: Yes, I am artistic by nature and would love to be in a career where I could nurture this side of me. Whole different story why I am in a technical field.
4) Reactive, hypersensitive: That I am. I act on impulse and later I regret on the way I reacted.
5) "You are of course an excellent friend, one to be treasured, but your mistakes may get a little too irritating for your friends for them to be able to forgive you."
This is true. I have lost 3 of my very good friends and I miss them, till today ...
And I blame myself for it.

If there are somethings about your sun sign you definitely identify yourself with, go ahead and tell me about it. I would love to know about it.


Jas said...

am piscean too and I go by every word of urs!

Dil se said...

Hey Jas
That's great to know. I hardly know any fellow piscean though!! Glad that we share some characteristics :-)