Friday, July 22, 2016

Expressing Love

My sweet little Kashu is on a drawing and writing spree and expressing her love and feelings for everyone these days
And mommy, daddy and even Aayush gets equal share of love through these drawings and writings.
And because I want to treasure these little drawings and writings of hers, I took some pictures of them  and am saving them here on the blog.

Her brother Aayush, even till today, expresses himself the best through his drawings and little notes.
On days when he messes up something, he will leave a quiet sorry note under my pillow
I rarely travel for my work; once when I did, he made the cutest "bye and miss you mom" card for me
Even the letter he wrote to Santa the year he became a big brother, was full of things he wanted not for him, but for his little sister...
(Just FYI.. they are at a age now where they fight and argue and then make up like typical siblings. So now Santa's letters are more oriented to X box and bike and iPod and all !)
And all these pictures and the writings that my kids do, reminds me of the time when my brother was a little kid.
He used to make up stories and write little love notes like these
His imaginations always created the funniest stories
He used to leave a little bite of his lunch for me every single day since I was the first one to check his bag and lunch as soon he got back from school.
Or the biology diagrams I used to beg my sister to draw for me, in lieu of doing the Sanskrit translation for her 
Sure, at that time, there were no cell phones or blogs to keep those memories safe
But they are all tucked neatly safe in my memories and heart.

Drawing here showing "Mom I love you"

And also that her hugs are the best !!

Dad also gets his share of "I love you"

Whole family picture with her most favorite thing , the rainbow

And that "My mom is not a cat"

Love this phase of childhood where expressions are so pure and innocent!!
Love you to moon and back my Kashu...

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Sara said...

These are so cute,post more often!