Thursday, May 1, 2014

Y is for youngest member of my family

Your eyes are small, but the shine in them is the brightest
The dreams you have hidden there are not so small
Your lips are small, but the smile you give can melt the biggest ice
And oh those giggles and those cute "sowwiieee" and "pleassssssssse"
The questions you ask, with that smile are just profound
your hands are small, but the things you want to do are not so small
You want to reach anything and everything that you have your eyes on
You want to try everything that your "best buddy aka Aayush" does
Doesn't matter if he is doing homework, playing soccer, playing piano, riding a bike or even racing
Doesn't matter if you have to fake a headache and that too, you say is happening in your tummy,when I ask
Or that I need to call your doctor because you also have a wiggling tooth
That you don't even have all baby teeth out doesn't count
You are my drama queen, my sleeping beauty
Waking us with a smiling "good monning" every single day
You want to go to so many places and do many things
Your list is never ever ending
May go places all around the world as you grow up
And explore every single thing that you wish to
But you'll always be my little kashu, spreading smiles and cheer

Lots and lots and lots of love


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful and cute post. Enjoyed reading it as you gave a dekkho in your beautiful world.

As I write said...

@vishalbheeroo: Thanks so much for taking this journey with me into my world :-)