Tuesday, April 29, 2014

X is for eXtra

Yes, x is for the extra hour/day I am trying to steal to make sure I reach the finish line for this blogging marathon. It is the first time I did this and I wanted to do it for myself, just to see if I could really do it.

And I did try my very best. Used my work lunch time to compose my posts on phone, staying awake past 11 on work days and typing my posts on my kindle. And I know I will make it; just a matter of how close to the finish line.

Thinking about it, I think most human beings are greedy by nature; always asking for something extra than what they have already achieved. And it is this zeal to have that extra is the one that keeps the flame in each of us going. Wanting to go that extra mile, giving a little more than what's expected of you, looking for that extra edge in your skills and career. So here's a parting wish for today, "May you all get what you wish for yourself and a little bit extra too" 

Keep smiling

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shweta said...

This could be the best compliment for you - dad called up especially asking for a print out of all your blogs so that he can go thru....