Thursday, December 1, 2011

It does't get easier the second time

You think it gets easier the second time
It doesn't...take my word for it
The pain, the tears, the anxiety still remains the same
You still have that heavy feeling, that lump in the throat, those tears in the eyes when you leave
No, I am talking about something else
Leaving your kid at the day care
those mornings are the hardest
saying bye to a 2 month old baby who doesn't even realize yet that mommy is just about to leave and she'll be with the strangers for the day
And you leave heavy hearted just hoping that she'll be fine
and she won't cry and they'd take good care of her

And then those mornings when your toddler cries and yells and tells you that he doesn't like to stay at the after school care; he misses his mom over there
He has all the time to play and watch TV over there but he still loves to come back home and lay down with mommy and sister, just like he used to do before mommy went back to work.

I have been through this so much and so many times  that I am not sure I can do this any more
And that's why I am so glad December is already here
because the new year has to begin with some new decisions and new challenges and hopefully some new changes for me, my kids and my family.
Amen to that !!


Smita said...

First thing first, Amen!!!

And u r so right it is difficult, very difficult. My son is now 1 yr 4 months old and has started talking. So after waking up he starts muttering office office which actually means that he keeps thinking that mom will be gone in sometime and it breaks my heart every single day!!

Ritu said...

Dear Parul di,

I read your blog and got to know that you are mum of 2 kids now; aayush and your newly born daughter. Heartiest congratulations ...whats her name? Its surely the most toughest thing in life to leave your li'l with someone else and go to office but then that is the only way out for working women. I think its important to spend quality time with kids instead of quantity time... I am sure you would have evaluated the option of one partner goes late to office and come late and other one goes very early and is able to come home early..
All this is tough but you would surely manage. best wishes.

warm regards,
Ritu Arora