Monday, May 2, 2011

A trip to Gatlinburg

Easter weekend was a long weekend for the kid and husband. And the kid had been complaining for a long time "how come you never take a chutti (vacation)?"
So we decided to make it a family long weekend and drive to Gatlinburg. This place is special for all 3 of us because the first time we went there was on the first B'day of my son.
It is about a 5 hour drive from our place and we headed out Friday early morning.
Once we reached there, the first stop was at Ripley's acquarium.
And it is a must watch if you take a trip to Gatlinburg:

But while dad and son were busy exploring the creatures of the acquarium, I was out on my own, exploring the markets of the area. And it was all well worth it.

The Village Shops at Gatlinburg is a collection of 27 unique boutiques, clothiers, eateries and galleries.

A shop with a lot of traditional handicraft items:


Painted posters:

and a lot of other knick-knacks:

The next stop was at the local candy store within the village:

This is where the popular home made fudge candy is cut into pieces and individually wrapped:

And here you can see the sugar candy being rolled continuously before it is cut into pieces and wrapped.

Another shop selling all sorts of handcrafted mugs and vases:

An interesting sign I captured in one of the gift shops (I have been thinking of putting something like this in my kitchen now :-)

And saw these beautiful tea sets in one of the gift shops:

And then the candle shop, can you imagine these are candles:

Even these too:

And even these too :-)
However given they are so cute, I wonder, if anyone will ever actually use them to light them:

There were so many other shops and galleries I wandered into in that 4 and half hour walk that I took. I was so fascinated and enjoying myself that I missed on some of the pictures.

However, this one I definitely did not miss. As I came out of the Village, there was this fountain which had a burning flame on the top of it:

Overall, a very scenic place. Had a great relaxing weekend. Rest of the weekend activities were more into trolley rides, water park fun and just enjoying the break.


Anonymous said...

Wow! those awesome pictures say it clear how much fun you all must have had :)
Sounds like a wonderful place :)

Sara said...

I love Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains...feels so refreshing...I'm glad you had fun!!