Monday, May 16, 2011

A letter for you

Dearest Tinkerbell

Don't be surprised, that's a new name (or rather the first name) I have given to you, because of all the bells and butterflies you create in my tummy these days, tickling me all over!!

Yes, the news of your coming was a big delightful surprise to me, so much so that I didn't believe it myself for the whole 5 days even after every test and every doctor said a positive yes. And it was logical since I had almost given up hope on myself and my body after 3 long years.

The last time, you gave me hope, I so desperately prayed for a miracle but I guess, it was destined to be at this point of time only.

So, let me start telling you something about each one of the members of the new family you are going to be a part of.

Hmmm.. whom do we start with.Let's start with the kid.
One thing I can assure you of, he is going to a greatest Big Brother.
Very caring, loving and sharing
Oh, and on the sharing thing, ask him for everything except his lovey dovey blanket which has been his favorite since he was a baby himself
That is one thing he has refused to share
He told me very clearly on that and made me promise I won't ask him to share that.

On other things, we have come to terms and agreement
Like: The baby can lie on one side of mommy's lap and he can take the other side
If daddy picks you up, he needs to pick him up too (Daddy: Run, save your back now.....)
The baby can take his toys, but only the ones he doesn't play with anymore
Same with the clothes, the one he doesn't feel he looks smart in or those that don't fit him any more
I can put up your pictures on the wall, but only under the ones where his are already hung !!

so you kind of get the idea, right !! Well, just a heads up.

And that's not just to it.
His reaction has kind of evolved during the past few days
From being in denial("what baby? We don't need any baby in our house")  to being extremely possessive ("If you love baby more than me, then I'll not be your best friend") to being overly caring now (Recently, when we were planning a vacation, I said "All 3 of us will on a vacation and he corrected me saying "Mommy, not 3, all 4 of us will go on a vacation")

Oh, and I almost forgot, the reason he is most excited about your coming is that somehow he is convinced, as soon as you arrive, he can coach you and include you in all the games and fun stuff he does. But, a big warning from me here (don't tell him I told you all this else he won't be on my team)

He is really fond of pretend plays. So teacher kid game, hair cut game, McDonald drive through games are some of his favorites. And in all these games,he gets to be the bossy and stronger character. So he is the teacher and we are the poor kids listening to him, he is the hair cut man and we have to get our hair cut as he wants it, he is the McDonald's drive thru sales boy and we have to order a large fries and a tall lattee !!

So till now it was one of me or your daddy and then it will be you who will be the one taking all bossing around in all games from him.

And now he can't wait to see you. Everytime I go for a doctor visit, his question is "Are you going to bring the baby home today?" and is pretty disappointed when I nod my head in a no.

Okay,coming to your daddy now.
He has been teasing me all along that he is not going to love my second kid as much as he loves his first one.
And that he won't be spending his money on toys and clothes for you, as much as he did for his favorite kid
And that, he won't be taking as many pictures of the new kid as he did before

But you know what, knowing your dad and how much he just loves kids
I can tell you that those are just his ways of convincing himself
He'll melt at one smile, one look from you
And once he is hooked, he'll the one who'll rock you every time you are crying
He'd be the one willing to be haathi, ghoda, oont, you name it, for you all over the house
and he'd be the one looking for all sorts of stylish clothes and shoes all over the mall for you

And as for me, I want you to be just you, the way I can feel you are right now
Yes, I feel you, while awake and in my dreams
I talk to you, tell you stories about your brother and your dad
Request you not to move a lot when I am in pain
so we already know each other for some time now
And that's why I am sure you know what I want

I want you to be somewhat like me, a companion to me
Because I wanted you for myself
I have faught against all odds for you
I have so many stories, dreams, laughter and giggles to share with you
I want you to be my best friend and my pal
But please don't take all aspects of your personality from me
I am not so proud about my temper or my being impatient on things
so you can skip those aspects (if you can :-)

There is still some time before you see the light of this wonderful world
till then, enjoy the li'l abode there
Enjoy the stories and songs that I humm to you
Enjoy the hugs your brother gives you every morning
Enjoy the warmth of your dad's hands when he tries to feel you move and you trick him
Till then



Reflections said...

Oh WOW this is great news.....Congratulations, so happy for u;-D!!!!!
When's the lil one due??????

Anonymous said...

Thats a real good news..Congratulations to you and your family..

Manish said...

Sweet! :)

And congratulations... So when are you planning to rename your blogsite.

Dil se said...

@Reflections: Thanks. Due sometime in Sep.
@weourlife: Thanks so much.
@Manish:Thank you. Yes, I'll do that too, sometime soon :-)

Renu said...

Congratulations!..daughters are so pretty and lovely to have:)

Lol at...the reason he is most excited about your coming is that somehow he is convinced, as soon as you arrive, he can coach you and include you in all the games and fun stuff he does..exactly the same way my son thought of his coming sis att hat time.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! Congrats!!! Congrats!!!
This is fab news. and a lovely way to welcome little Tinkerbell :-)

Sara said...

Heart congratulations..especially to Aayush, who gets to be a coach at such young age!!Take care!!

Dil se said...

@Renu: Thanks Renu, yes daughters are extra special and I so want to have one :-)

@writerzblock: Thanks Pallavi !!

@Sara: Thanks Sara. Yes Aayush is super excited, and for the sole reason that he'll get to be the BIG brother :-)