Monday, August 30, 2010

Craft for the teacher

Aayush goes to a reading class and we decided to give him a break for few weeks since he started his new school today. His teacher at the reading class, Ms Youla, has been really special and helpful for him. She has this special way of engaging little kids that the same kid who resists to even sit for a minute to do any reading/writing at home, will finish 4 assignments in a row with her, without any complaints.

So, when we told Aayush that he was not going to see his teacher for a while, he said that he wanted to make a craft for her. (He has seen crafts from other kids hanging near her table)
So I made this craft with him this evening. He was super excited for making it, so he did all the pasting, cutting, hand printing, writing and coloring on his own.
And after finishing it all, took a picture of it all by himself.

So, here's the craft he made:


Shruti said...

lovely :)

Swaram said...

Looks cute :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice and colorful :)

Samvedna said...

quite creative!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so thoughtful! How old is he? Looks lovely.

Shilpa Garg said...

Children love making things for their teachers. And this card is so wonderful, with his hands impression... Looks great!!
This sure will make the teacher's day!! :)

Dil se said...

@All: Thanks everyone for the appreciation.
@Tranquility: He is 4.
@Shilpa: Right, and his teacher really loved it.