Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mind Reading

Do you ever wonder how much fun it would be if we could read the mind of the person we wanted to ?
I mean, just take a look inside that "upper compartment" of other people and see what kind of traffic is going on there? Wouldn't that be wonderful !!

I know, it would create a lot of chaos too.
I mean, imagine, my neighbor's wife going on and on and on about her "beautiful" garden and me thinking in my mind:"You call these teeny tiny leaves and purple flower beautiful? I have hundreds of them in my garden?I call them weeds here :-)"

Now, if she has the ability to read my mind, I will have to force my mind to even think good !!
Or my dumb manager telling me how to do the work and me thinking in my mind: "Someone dumb like you must have made you a manager, because you just don't deserve this position !!" And if he some how got the ability to read my mind, I would be looking for a new job the very next day :-)

In our day to day life, we do have "kind of" ability to read the minds of ones near to us (or that's what we think)
Like, my son, I know he got a lot of genes and looks from me.And when I say genes, not sure why, but the Big Guy above decided only to stuff him with those part of genes which made me throw really bad tantrums when I was growing up or doing things I was not supposed to do. (you better believe me on this, my mom can vouch on this behavior of mine)
So, now, when my son throws a tantrum just when I am getting late for work, I know exactly what and how he is thinking, and what I can say/do to pacify/engage/divert him

So, while we are on this topic of mind reading and "what ifs" enjoy this song too :-)

Dil se


Swaram said...

Ha ha gud one :)
Thank God my manager cannot read my mind ;)

Chatterbox said...

What a wonderful thought :)
You are very right for it will give us less power to enjoy and would rather put us in trouble more often.


Ram said...

i wish it could happen... life would be fun then.. :))

Dil se said...

@Swaram: But think abt it, wouldn't that be great :-)
@chatterbox: But I still think whatever power it'll give, will be fun to enjoy :-)

Dil se said...

@Ram: Welcome to my blog. Yes, I so wish :-)

Neena Sharma said...

I shudder at the thought of reading the mind of someone who doesn't like me.:)