Thursday, November 1, 2007


Motherhood... the most wonderful phase of a woman's life. Yeah, yeah I know, everyone knows this and it has been said in every bollywood flick too :-)But what I am penning down here is my own experience, thoughts and feelings as I am on my journey to this phase. It is that wonderful feeling that giveds you the joy of being loved so unconditionally, so naturally... just for being me...Its those small little things which makes the whole day !! Like giving a hug before I take off when I leave him at the baby sitter's place;the glow in his eyes on seeing me when I am there to pick him up makes me forget the toils and tension of entire day. His chitter chatter with me and trying to repeat what I say in the car;trying to explore each strand of my hair when I hold him ...the list can go on and on !!
I just wish every relation in this world was so pure, so unconditional ...

Love u Aayush

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